Worshiping The Lord Together

In support of the Trinity Church Mission Statement, Worship Ministries primarily exists for the purpose of loving the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Members of the Worship Ministries teams seek to cultivate a contagious passion among the people of Trinity Church for worshiping the Lord in word and in deed. They employ their creative and artistic gifts as a means to declare and celebrate the truths about God and respond in heartfelt worship to Him.

Worship Pastor – Bill Born
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Sunday’s Playlist
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Philosophy of Ministry
Worship services will purpose to unite the church in worship of our triune God. We will meet with God to give Him praise and grow as His followers who worship in spirit and in truth. We will seek to follow biblical guidelines while remaining relevant in our musical styles and use of the arts and technology, and creative in our expression of praise.

Born To Worship

Come Quickly, Lord – Dec 2, 2016
The return of the Lord Jesus is the blessed hope of the believer. Yet, the timing of the Lord’s return has been a difficult faith-stretching aspect of the Scriptures for me. The writers of the Bible were certain that it would be soon, yet here we are 2000 years later.  More>>

Awe – November 16, 2016
Last June, I had the privilege of spending four days with my wife, Julie, backpacking in Golden Trout Wilderness of the Sierras. To get there one must drive north on Highway 395. Approaching the eastern edge of Sierra Nevada range gives a breathtakingly beautiful, majestic, even awesome view. More>>

Faith Fuels Faith – July 5, 2016
Faith fuels faith. This is the takeaway from the last two weeks, spending many hours behind the wheel zipping along at 75 mph, driving nearly 4500 miles from California to Iowa to Missouri and back home, visiting friends and family along the way. More>>

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