SonLight Dance Teams

Welcome to the dance team at Trinity Church! Our goal is to live and move and have our being in Christ. Did you know that only 7% of communication comes from the spoken word while 93% of the communication we remember includes body movement and tone of voice? That’s what makes the art form of dance a powerful and life-changing ministry tool.

What about SonLight? The name for the ministry comes from John 12:35-36: “The man who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going; put your trust in the light while you have it so that you may become Sons-of-Light.” Because we trust in the light of scripture, we are careful to craft choreography that transforms sole movement into soul movement. That’s why we call it prayer in motion.

At Trinity, we welcome a variety of movement backgrounds (ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, etc.) that we can translate into purposeful ministry. Prayer in motion has been presented in the main services and in other ministry settings on and off campus. Soul to Sole Choreography reflects any combination of live or recorded music, scripture and/or spoken words; we often integrate movement into drama, lighting, media, and sound.

Right now, there are several SonLight groups: SonLight I is for children from 4th to 8th grade who are currently involved in studio dance training. SonLight II is for dancers with dance training beyond a beginning level (from 9th grade through adult). SonLight III is for men who desire to express their faith in movement using strength, power and an organic reflection of faith. For those interested in ‘encore movement,’ there is an additional series of workshops available for dancers to learn choreography/leadership skills for future use in ministry settings.

On a personal level, the dance ministry invites individual leaders, dancers and choreographers to deepen their faith as Christ-followers. This is done within the rehearsal context as dancers meet and focus on the biblical message that is being choreographed. Together, we hope that dancers might encourage one another to move through life with prayer not only on their lips but through their actions. And oh, we have a lot of fun! We’re grace-based and we’d love to have you as part of the dance ministry at Trinity Church. You’re not too young and you’re not too old for this ministry. Join us!

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